In 1981 Oklahoma Sound opened its doors, recognizing an unmet need in the furniture industry. Podiums that worked well and lasted for years. We sought to build cabinetry that would perform through decades of wear and tear, pieces designed with schools, worship centers, and organizations in mind. And so, with a few helping hands, we got to work manufacturing every element of the furniture in house. That’s right, not just the cabinetry, but the speakers and amplifiers were built from scratch. It seemed the best way to take real ownership of the end product.

The results were powerful and organizations came back asking for more. Chairs, this time. The team obliged, and in 1997 National Public Seating was born. Now, NPS outfits industries across the country with no-fail equipment they use every single day. From ultra-breathable flex chairs to easy-expand tables on wheels, our products are innovative, solution-focused, and both durable and comfortable to the nth degree. We ship them out quickly because we know time is of the essence, and we do everything possible to give you, our customers, a smooth experience from first purchase to years down the line.

Industrial Grade

All our products are industrial grade, and that means they’re crafted for heavy-duty usage day in, day out. We don’t cut corners and we don’t mess around. Read More Our team of engineers and designers develop the furniture in our New Jersey plant, supported by 90+ factory employees. The furniture is then put through rigorous quality control testing to ensure it meets and surpasses every industry standard. We are there at every step in the manufacturing process. Read Less

A Passion for Education

Furnishing schools is our passion. Of course, we love providing every industry with the tools it needs to succeed, but sustaining the learning and development of Read More America’s future leaders is where we shine brightest. Students sit most of the day. If they aren’t comfortable they’ll fidget and won’t be happy to learn. It’s that basic. That’s why making strong, feel-good furniture for schools is our focal point. We proudly equip art rooms, music rooms, science labs, auditoriums, and cafeterias with sturdy tables, supportive chairs, and hardwood lecterns designed to truly last. Read Less

Exceptional Service

Our sales team doesn’t rest on its laurels. It is constantly finding new ways to better streamline the supply process. The shipping team gets orders on the road in hours, and with warehouses in Read More California, Tennessee and New Jersey, shipments often arrive the next day. Believe it or not, our customer service representatives look forward to solving any issue that should crop up. Because that’s what they’re there for. That’s not all, though. Thanks to our custom design services, reliable web support, no-questions-asked returns and repairs, and ten year warranty, our dealers have come to know and deeply trust our service for almost 40 years. Here’s to many more. Read Less

Look for these symbols throughout the website:

While the entire NPS Folding Chair line meets ANSI/BIFMA standards, including a 300lb. seat drop test, most have recently passed more stringent testing for 600lbs. of static weight and 480lbs. of moving weight on the seating area.
SittingGreen® is NPS®'s environmentally responsible, eco-friendly, folding chair line which adheres to ANSI/BIFMA #X7.1-2007 VOC emissions standards (criteria #1- TVOC, Formaldehyde, All Aldehydes & 4-Phenylcyclohexene), provides LEED points (option 4.5 for Furniture) for Green buildings, and provides points in the BIFMA “Level” program, criteria #1.
Our entire product line is MAS Certified Green®. For more information, visit

A Tribute to Our Founder

Barry Stauber built up National Public Seating with his bare hands and his whole heart.


He saw his customers as real people and felt personally responsible for providing them a seamless experience. To Barry, bumps in the road were golden opportunities to make things right, and he never let an opportunity pass him by. But it wasn't just consumers he cared for. Even as the team grew, he embraced every member as family. He invested in his employees the same way he invested in the business, teaching them to go above and beyond in their work with kindness, compassion and deep respect.


On August 16th 2018, we were heartbroken to learn Barry had passed. Two years prior when preparing to retire, he had transitioned the staff and trained in a new president. In true Barry fashion, he had ensured every aspect of the operation could run according to plan without him. Now, every day at National Public Seating is a tribute to his legacy. The company he left behind is rooted in integrity, commitment and growth, and through it he lives on.